Melt & Pour Soap Making FAQ

Since I've started this website, I've gotten tons of questions from beginner melt & pour soap makers about how to perfect their craft. I've decided to compile a list of these questions to help anyone getting started in soap making!

When should I add the fragrance oil to my soap?

Fragrance oil should be added to your soap after the soap has been removed from the heat source and has had a chance to cool slightly. If you add it when the melted soap is too hot, the scent may "burn off."

How do I use mica in M&P soap?

It’s very easy to use mica to color your M&P soap. Add you need to do is add about 1/8 to ¼ tsp per pound of soap. Add the mica after the soap is melted and stir thoroughly.

Another interesting technique would be to sprinkle your mold with mica and then pour a solid color of M&P soap into the mold. You can get some really interesting designs this way!

How can I stop my M&P soap from sweating?

First of all, you want to make sure that you start out with good quality bases, like those in all of the kits at Crafter’s Touch. I’ve tried bases from certain craft stores and they tend to sweat very badly.

If you put your soap in the freezer to remove them easily from their molds, you want to make you sure you don’t leave them in there for more than around 15 minutes. This can be another cause of sweating.

How do I use soap chunks in my melt & pour soaps?

Chunky soaps are some of my favorites! Simply place your chunks in your mold. Spray them lightly with rubbing alcohol. This step will help them adhere to the base that you pour over it.

You need to watch the temperature of the over-pour base. Don’t pour it too hot or the colors of your chunks will bleed.

I made a vanilla scented soap and now its turning brown. What is causing this?

Vanilla scents are notorious for discoloring soap. There are products called vanilla color stabolizers which will prevent this discoloration. Mix one part of this stabolizer and one part fragrance oil and add this to your melted soap as usual.

I'm not ready to buy soap molds just yet. What type of household objects that would work for molds/loaf projects?

I have used anything and everything for soap molds! Pringles cans work great since you can pour your soap in and just peal away the cardboard when you're done. Candy molds work well for melt and pour soaps. Candy molds are also good for making embeds to place in your regular bars of soaps. Cheap loaf pans, muffins tins, and ice cube trays are also great!

After I pour my soap into my molds, I get white foam and bubbles on the back of the bar of soap? How do I get rid of this?

After you pour your soap, spritz it lightly with rubbing alcohol. This should get rid of the bubbles. If you still have a problem, try letting your base cool down a bit before pouring and this should decrease the amount of bubbles.

What is the difference between refined and unrefined shea butter?

Natural shea butter has a smokey odor and a greenish color. Refined shea butter has been chemically processed to remove the nator odor and color. Both are wonderful in different ways. If you don't like the smokey odor or unrefined shea butter, it can be masked with fragrance or essential oils.

I have some soap molds with very detailed sections that I would like to color different colors than the rest of the soap. It's too small for me to pour the soap in there accurately. How can I do this?

The best way that I've found to do detailing in molds is to use a pipette. Pipettes are great for lettering and small details to get the soap right where you want it. I've also heard of people using small squeeze bottles to get the same effect.

Can a make chocolate soaps with real cocoa powder?

I have made chocolate soaps using cocoa powder. Use about 1/2 tsp and mix it with a touch of glycerin. Then add this mixture to your base. I like to use a nice chocolately fragrance oil with these soaps to enhance the scent.

Some of my soaps turn out rather soft. How can I make a harder bar of soap?

Stearic acid can be added to M&P soap to get a harder, longer lasting bar of soap. Try adding about 1 tsp of stearic acid per pound of soap. Adding any more than that may effect the lather of your soaps. Another thing to be aware of is that stearic may make your soap slightly cloudy. As a result, stearic is best used in opaque soaps.

My soaps will not come out their molds? What can I do to get the out and prevent this in the future?

Try placing your molds in the freezer, the soap soaps should shrink away from the sides of the molds and pop right out.

To prevent the soaps from sticking to the mold in the future, try spraying the molds with some non-stick cooking spray. Wipe away any extra from the mold with a paper towel so you have a very thin coating. Some people use vasoline to coat their molds in the same way, but I've found this can create a greasy layer on the outside of your soaps.

Can I use food coloring to dye my soaps?

It is best to avoid using food coloring to dye your soaps. The dye comes off easily and will stain your skin and towels.

If you have any candle making questions you'd like answered, please submit it through our contact page and we'll answer it and add the answer here!

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