Soap Making Techniques - Layers & Swirling


  • You can layer different colors of melt & pour soap simply by melting the first color and letting it cool, and then melting the second color and letting it cool
  • Another way to layer colors in melt & pour soap is to use two bases of different densities.  For example, white coconut base and clear glycerin base will seperate when poured together because of their different densities.  The glycerin will sink to the bottom of the mold and the coconut will rise to the top.  In addition you will have a mixed layer in the middle which creates a neat effect.


  • You can create a swirled effect in your soaps by pouring clear glycerin base and white glycerine base into opposite ends of the mold at the same time.  Use a toothpick or thin dowel to gently swirl the two soaps together.
  • Add dye to one or both of the glycerin soaps to add colors to your swirls

Other Soap Making Projects 

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