I Love You Soap

This simple melt-and-pour soap making technique can be used for all holidays with simple substitution of erasers and dye.

Supply List

  • Small heart erasers
  • Clear soap base
  • Red sparkle dye (We used sparkle dye in this recipe because it adds color while maintaining the soaps transparency.)


  • Mold
  • Double Boiler


  1. Melt clear soap base in boiler following manufacturers specifications.
  2. Add sparkle dye.
  3. Pour 1/4 layer of soap and allow to cool until soap is firm to the touch. Be sure to not overfill this layer or your erasers will be more visable from the bottom of your mold than from the top.
  4. Place erasers ontop of this layer.
  5. Fill the rest of the mold.
  6. Allow to cool. Tap on a countertop gently to remove from mold once cooled.
  7. Wrap in plastic to safeguard your soap from damaging moisture until you're ready to use.