Soap Dipped Rose Petals

These petals make adorable single serve soaps. They make a great decorative addition to your guests bathroom. You could also place them in jars for a unique wedding favor.

Supply List

  • Clear Soap Base
  • Silk Rose Petals
  • Fragrance Oil of Your Choice
  • Waxed Paper


  • Double Boiler or Microwave & Microwave Safe Dish
  • Tweezers
  • Small Fan (Optional)


  1. Follow the melting instructions for basic pour and melt soap to melt your soap base.
  2. When your soap base has completely melted, remove your soap base from the heat. Add your fragrance oil. You will want to use no more than 1 ounce per pound of soap base. Stir throughly but try not fold too much air into the soap or you may get bubbles.
  3. Spread a piece of waxed paper onto your work area. This is where you will place the dipped petals.
  4. Use your tweezers to carefully dip a petal in the melted soap. Always be very careful around hot soap. You may want to dip the petals several times to get a nice coating of soap.
  5. Using the tweezers, remove a petal from the soap base. If you have a small fan, hold the petal in front of the fan for a few seconds to help the wax dry faster and prevent any inperfections in the soap.
  6. Gently place the petal on the waxed paper and continue the same process for each petal.
  7. Once the petals have dried, they can be used as single use soaps. Simply rub a petal between your hands with some water and wash as normal. Just throw away the silk petal when you're finished!