Message In A Bottle Greeting Card

This handcrafted greeting card is extremely professional looking yet easy enough for kids to master. Chooose a few complementary colors of card stock and use whatever kind of decorative scissors you might have on hand. Experiment with different colors and patterns.

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Supply List

  • Several different colors of card stock
  • Regular piece of white paper to make a pattern out of
  • Tape


  • Decorative Scissors


  1. The first step is to make your bottle pattern. Take the piece of white paper and fold it in half. Draw half a bottle shape using the folded middle as your bottle middle. This will create a perfectly even bottle on both sides. Cut the pattern out of the paper
  2. Now take one piece of card stock and fold it in half. This will be your card.
  3. Center your pattern in the middle of the card. Trace around your pattern. Carefully cut out the bottle shape.
  4. Next, cut out a few strips of paper from several different colors of cardstock. Use your decorative scissors to make one decorative edge on each strip.
  5. Finally, layer the strips within the bottle cutout of the card. Use tape to secure them in place.

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