Purple and Pink Easy Jewelry Set

This is a great project for someone just starting out in jewelry making. It uses simple jewelry making techniques and can be finished within an hour or so. You'll end up with professional looking jewlery that makes great gifts!

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Supply List

  • Elastic Jewelry String
  • Selection of Large Purple and Pink Beads
  • Small Purple Beads
  • Silver Flower Spacers
  • 2 Headpins
  • 2 Earwires
  • 2 Jump Rings


  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutter


Bracelet Instructions
  1. Thread the beads onto the elastic jewelry string. Alternate large purple and pink beads with small beads and silver flower spacers.
  2. Continue adding beads until the bracelet reaches your desired size. Tie off the elastic thread connecting the bracelet into a loop.
Earring Instructions
  1. Thread each of the 2 headpins with 6 alternating colors of beads.
  2. Use your wire cutter to trim away any extra length of wire from the headpin leaving enough room to make a loop with your round nose pliers.
  3. Attach each beaded headpin to their earwire with a jump ring.

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