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Crafter's Touch August 19, 2004 In This Issue: * Editor's Note * Project Idea: Moisturizing Buttery Bars * Project Idea: Terra Cotta Flower Pot Candles * Tips & Tricks: Natural Soap Making Additives * Other New Articles At Crafter's Touch ******************************************************************** Editor's Note: Ever need to come up with a great gift for someone in your life? Homemade candles and soaps can make great gifts. This newsletter describes a couple of fun projects that anyone can make at home. Try our moisturizing buttery bars to give someone a relaxing spa treatment at home. If you'd rather try candles, take a look at our terra cotta flower pot candles. If you scent these candles with a wonderful fruity fragrance oil, they will make great seasonal centerpieces for someone on your summer gift-giving list. ******************************************************************** Project Idea: Moisturizing Buttery Bars These moisturizing soaps will smell almost good enough to eat! Great for those people in your life who love silky smooth skin. All you need are the following supplies: White Soap Base Shea Butter Cocoa Butter Yellow Liquid Soap Dye A Homebaked Fragrance Oil To get full instructions for this project, visit our site at ******************************************************************** Project Idea: Terra Cotta Flower Pot Candles Terra cotta flower pots can create perfect candle containers. They are inexpensive and can be decorated to fit any motif. There are only a few extra steps that you'll need to do before you can pour wax into these pots as you would any other container candle. All you need are the following supplies: Terra Cotta Flower Pot Pre-blended Container Candle Wax Pre-Tabbed Wick Mod-Podge Putty or Silicone To get full instructions for this project, visit our site at ******************************************************************** Tips & Tricks: Natural Soap Making Additives There are plenty of natural soap making additives that will give your homemade soap that extra special touch. The best part is that you probably have many of these in your kitchen right now. Here's a few to get you started! Herbs & Spices Cinnamon - Powdered cinnamon adds a spicy, homebaked scent and a speckled brown natural hue to your soaps. According to aromatherapy specialists, cinnamon is a stimulant and a stress reliever. Cloves - Ground cloves can also add a spicy scent to your soaps which is stimulating. Cocoa Powder - Cocoa powder will give a warm brown color to your soaps. Lavender - Lavender can add a wonderful aroma and help relaxation. Rosemary - Rosemary adds an herbal scent to your soaps and also helps relaxation. Butters Cocoa Butter - Makes your soaps creamy and helps with hardness. Shea Butter - Shea butter is used in soaps as an ultra-moisturizer. Other Natural Additives Honey - Honey can be used as a relaxant in soaps. If you use too much, your soap will be too soft. Milk - Instant powdered milk can be added to soaps as a natural cleanser. Powdered milk also softens soap, so don't use too much. Oatmeal - You can use regular oats that are whole or ground in soaps to soothe and exfoliate skin. For more natural soap making additives and direction on how to add these to your homemade soaps, visit our site at If you have any questions that you'd like answered by our experts send an email to and we'll be happy to help you! ******************************************************************** Other New Articles At Crafter's Touch New Christmas Project - Button Snowman Pins New Cake Decorating Tip - What is marzipan? New Soap Making Projects - Critter Surprise Soap New Scrapbooking Tip - Creative Journaling New Soap Making Tip - Soap Making Fragrances New Scrapbooking Project - Using Paper Borders New Candle Making Tip - Wicks ******************************************************************** FEEDBACK TO THE EDITOR WEBSITE TO SUBSCRIBE Send an email to TO UNSUBSCRIBE Send an email to
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