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August 4, 2005

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  • Editor's Note
  • Project Idea: Crystallizing Palm Wax Candles 
  • August Promotion: Free Small Pouring Pot
  • Project Idea: Rose Petal Favor 
  • This Week on the Message Boards 
  • Poll Results
  • Other New Articles At Crafter's Touch

Editor's Note

This week's newsletter features a few craft projects to help you beat the summer heat.

Don't forget to check our summer promotion on candle making kits.

Also, we've worked out some of the kinks with our new message board.  If you tried to register and had problems, please give it another try.  Be sure to look for more improvements to the message boards in the coming weeks.  Thanks for your patience!

Happy crafting!

Project Idea: Crystallizing Palm Wax Candles

Palm wax is an all-natural vegetable wax made from oil palm.  It's a unique wax in that it makes a wonderful crystal/snowflake pattern in candles.  Surprise your loved ones by crafting these great candles!

Decoupaged Soap

To get full instructions for this project, visit our site HERE

August Promotion - Free Small Pouring Pot!

Free Pouring Pot Banner

Project Idea: Rose Petal Favor

These favors make beautiful table decorations for a perfect wedding party.  Use flowers, ribbons, and fillers to match your decor.  They can be filled with almost anything such as candles, potpourri, or bath salts.

Stained Glass Card

To get full instructions for this project, visit our site HERE

This Week on the Message Boards!

Making a Padded Book Cover

I'm getting ready to "scrapbook" my recipes.  I bought a plain 3-ring binder that will hold 4 x 5 sheets of paper.  I want to do a padded cover for it, but I'm not sure what kind of glue to use and how to finish it off on the inside.  Does anybody have any ideas?

Looking for a Hacky Sack Pattern

My kids love to play with their hacky sacks and I thought it would be a great a idea to make some new ones for them myself.  Has anyone seen any free patterns?

Soy Vs. Paraffin

Hey candle makers, what are your thoughts on soy wax vs paraffin wax?   Do you use both?  Do you like one better than the other?

Visit our new message boards!

Message Board Logo 

Website Poll Results

We asked our website visitors "Would you like to see more kids craft projects on Crafter's Touch for the summer?"  58 people responded!

Here's the results:

Yes, Please! - 45 votes

No, Thanks. - 13 votes

Your votes will affect what types of projects are added to our site so we hope that you will all vote.  Look for a new poll soon!

Other New Articles At Crafter's Touch

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