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Crafter's Touch June 18, 2004 In This Issue: * Editor's Note * Project Idea: Glittering Soap * Project Idea: Personalized Soap * Tips & Tricks: Soap Making ******************************************************************** Editor's Note: This week's newsletter is all about soap making! The other day I was wandering around the mall's bath and body store and I couldn't believe the prices that some of their products were selling for. The worst part is that so many of these products could be made at home for much less. I got my chef's hat out and got to work cooking up some recipes for homemade bath products which your family will love and that you'll have fun making too! ******************************************************************** Project Idea: Glittering Soap Summer is the best time for showing off your sparkling personality in the sun! This glittering soap will help you do that. This soap is also very popular right now with the younger crowd and would make a great gift for for that special teenage girl in your life. All you need is the following supplies: Clear glycerin soap Fine soap glitter Fragrance/Dye of your choice Soap Mold To get full instructions for this glittering soap, visit our site at ******************************************************************** Project Idea: Personalized Soap I thought this was a wonderful idea to make a special bar of soap just for your loved one. In this project you will suspend foam alphabet letters within clear glycerin soap to spell out someone's name, their initials, or a special holiday message. Another great idea for father's day might be to use the name and colors of that special dad's favorite sports team. All you need is the following supplies: Clear glycerin soap Desired Fragrance Foam Alphabet Letters Soap Mold To get full instructions for this glittering soap, visit our site at ******************************************************************** Tips & Tricks If you have any questions that you'd like answered by our experts send an email to and we'll be happy to help you! Tip #1 - Avoiding Excessive Bubbles - Be sure not to stir your heating soap too vigorously or you will end up with a big frothy mess! Tip #2 - Adding Scents - Remember that if you add a essential oil or a scent that is colored, this will also color your soap. For a quick example if you're making soap with a blue dye and yellow lemon essential oil, your soap will be tinted slightly green. (I wouldn't suggest making blue lemon scented soap, but you get the idea! ) Tip #3 - Molds - There are lots of different household items that you can use for molds. I suggest trying cookie cutters as molds. If you are going to use molds that are open on the bottom like cookie cutters you will need to create a "seal' around the edges to prevent the soap from seeping out. One way to do this is to take a cookie sheet and pour a little soup on it. Next place the mold on top of this soap and allow the harden and create your seal. Finally you're free to fill up your cookie cutter mold with the rest of the soap. ******************************************************************** FEEDBACK TO THE EDITOR WEBSITE TO SUBSCRIBE Send an email to TO UNSUBSCRIBE Send an email to
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