Using Candy Molds in Candle Making

Candy molds can make great tools in candle making. They can be used as an easy way to dress up any candle. The best part is that candy molds are inexpensive and come in many different designs for any occasion.

Below you'll find the instructions to make this adorable candle with candy mold hearts.

Making the Candy Mold Embeds

  1. Choose a wax to use for your embeds. You will want to use a wax that is made for molds so that your embeds will easily release from your candy mold. We used a votive blend wax to make our embeds.
  2. Melt the wax in your double boiler as you would when creating votive candles. When the wax has melted, color and scent the wax as you like.
  3. Pour the wax into each crevice of your candy mold. Don't worry if some of the crevices overflow a bit; you can trim the excess wax with a knife after the embeds have cooled.
  4. After the wax has cooled, flip the candy mold over and carefully press out the embeds. Trim the excess wax around each mold if needed.

Making the Container Candle

  1. Follow the basic container candle making instructions to make a container candle.
  2. Allow the container candle to cool until the candle is solid but still soft and pliable.
  3. Gently press your embeds into the top of the container candle. We used 4 embeds but you can use as many as you like. Don't be limited to placing them flat into the candle. You can try embedding them at different angles for a unique look. You are only limited by your imagination!

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