Layered Candle Techniques

Layering candles is an important technique to any candle maker. Using layers in candles, you can make endless combinations of candles. We'll show you a few different techniques for layering candles below.

Distinct Layers

Creating layers is all about the timing of your pours. To create distinct layers, pour your first layer. As always when pouring layers be very careful not to drip the wax on the sides of the mold. Allow this layer to cool until very firm and pour your next layer. Be sure not to wait so long that the wax seperates from the sides of the mold. If this happens, you won't get a nice smooth finish on your candle and you'll see jump lines. With a little bit of practice, distinct layers will be easy to master.

Blended Layers

Blended layers are slightly more difficult, but once again it's all about your timing. Pour your first layer and allow it to cool just enough so that it's firm but still warm. Pour your next layer at a slightly higher temperature. The goal is to have the layers mingle and blend. This technique may take some experimentation to get right but the look is really interesting.

Tilted Layers

To achieve tilted layers, you'll want to tilt your mold in one direction. You can prop the mold up using a folded dish cloth. Then continue pouring your layers as described in one of the techniques above.

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