Choosing the Best Colors for Your Pages

Usually the best way to begin selecting the colors for your pages is to start with the photos themselves. Look closely at the different colors in the pictures you've chosen. What are the dominant colors in your photos? Often you may want to focus on this for your the colors of your page. Alternatively, you may want to a pick a non-dominant color in your photos and work off of this. This willl draw the focus towards that spot in your picture so be sure that this is the affect you want to have.

In general, you want to try to keep the number of colors that you use on one page down to three. Using too many colors on a page can make the page look cluttered and overwhelming. Try to choose one dominant color and up to two complementary colors.

One good way to choose supporting colors is to try various shades of your dominant color. For example, if you've chosen a shade of blue as your dominant color, you may want to use a lighter shade of that blue as a background color and a darker shade of that blue for your lettering. Be careful when selecting very bright colors for your scrapbooks because this will draw the eye. Use these bright colors when you want emphasis on something.

If you're still having trouble choosing colors by eye, you can always invest in a color wheel. You can match up your dominant photo color to a color on the color wheel and the color wheel will suggest other complementary colors.

Remember these are just guidelines, and the only way to get really good at choosing colors is to experiment, experiment, experiment!

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