15 Unique Wedding Favors

  1. A kiss and a little luck - Chocolate kisses wrapped in tulle with an attached lottery ticket. You'll have a blast when everyone scratches his or her ticket off at the same time.
  2. Homemade Themed Candies - Chocolates shaped as a theme for your wedding. (Ex: A pilot and a stewardess I knew getting married gave airplane shaped chocolates.)
  3. Cookie cutter and kisses - Take a heart shaped cookie cutter, fill with kisses, and wrap in tulle.
  4. Terra Cotta Pot Candles - You can make these yourself. Scent them with your favorite scent. Tie them up with tulle and a sprig of flowers.
  5. Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans - Place these in a small box, tie with a bow and add a note "Mr. and Mrs. ... - The perfect blend"
  6. Spring Wedding Bulbs - Wrap up some bulbs in cellophane to match your wedding colors.
  7. Seeds of Love - Purchase some inexpensive pouches and fill with seeds. This would be even better if the seeds matched your wedding flower. Attach a note with the bride and grooms names and the date of the wedding.
  8. Our New Home - Attach a note to your wedding favor with the bride and groom's new address for a practical addition to your favors.
  9. Kissing Bells - Attach several small bells to a piece of cardstock with the bride and groom's name and date of the wedding. The guests can then ring the bells to get the bride and groom to kiss instead of clinking glasses. The sound of the bells is much easier on the ears!
  10. Love Notes - Find a bunch of quotes about love and print them on pieces of cardstock. You can print a guest's name on the other side, fold the cardstock in half and use as place settings at your reception.
  11. Wedding Photos - Picture frames always make great wedding favors. If you'd like the favors to be really special try to find a picture of the bride or groom with each guest. This is a very personalized and heartfelt gift. As an alternate idea, give each guest a frame with a note saying that they'll be sent a picture of the bride and groom from the wedding after when they're developed. That way they'll always remember your special day.
  12. Soap Dipped Rose Petals - Fill apothecary jars with these gorgeous single serve soap dipped rose petals.
  13. Candy Sacs - Here's an interactive idea that your guests will love. Place a table by the exit of your reception. There you can place bowls of different types of candies and some scoops. On the way out of the reception your guests can fill small white bags with candies for the ride home. This is sure to be a big hit!
  14. Wedding Cds - If you're computer savvy, create music cds for your guests featuring your wedding songs and other songs that have meaning to the happy couple. Music is a great way to remember the wedding.
  15. Potted Plants - Buy some pretty potted plants that when gathered together can create a nice centerpiece for each table. Then each guest can take one home as they leave.

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