Wax Types

There is a wide range of waxes that you can choose from for whatever your candle making needs. Here are some of the most popular types.

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is the most common type of wax for candle making. Paraffin wax is a petroleum-based, odorless, white/semi-transparent, hard wax which is good for containers and molds. Paraffin wax comes in either large slabs or small pellets.

Soy Candle Wax

Soy is a natural vegetable wax has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Soy wax produces candles with a soft, creamy finish. Soy tends to hold its shape better as it burns. This makes it ideal for use in making pillar candles. Soy also gives off less soot as it burns. Another benefit is that soy wax is water soluble which makes cleanup much easier.

Crystallizing Wax

Crystallizing wax is a type of all-natural palm wax. Crystallizing wax comes in small granules instead of a slab. When this wax dries, it produces a unique crystalized finish. Like snowflakes, no two candles will be exactly alike.


Beeswax is a natural wax taken from the hives of honey bees. This wax burns very slowly but is very sticky and can be difficult to remove from molds. When you burn a beeswax candle, you get a pleasant honey aroma. Pure beeswax is typically the most expensive of the candle making waxes.

Beeswax Sheets

Another form of beeswax comes in sheets. Beeswax sheets are often colored and pressed with a honeycomb pattern. These sheets can be rolled or shaped to create natural candles without ever having to melt wax. As a result, this type of wax is ideal for children's candle making projects.

Gel Wax

Gel wax is a transparent wax that is heatable and pourable. Gel wax cools to a jelly solid. Gel wax burns three to four times longer than paraffin wax.

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