Your kids will love to create their own personalized snowglobes. They can pick a theme if they like such as an upcoming holiday or their favorite sports team. Also, feel free to get creative, use your own colors and ideas!

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Supply List

  • Small jars (Baby food jars work well. You can use larger jars if you prefer a larger snowglobe)
  • Small figurines, plastic greenery, and/or other novelties (Make sure these are waterproof)
  • White glitter
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Hot glue gun



    1. Attach your figurines to the inside of your jar lid with your hot glue gun. Attach any other items you want to use in the same way. You can use the glue to help build up your items to create a landscape. Allow this to dry completely.
    2. Fill your jar with cold water up to 1 cm from the top of the jar.
    3. Add about 1 tablespoon of glitter to the water for a small jar. If you have a larger jar, you'll need more but you can determine this by eye.
    4. Screw your lid with the figurines onto the jar.
    5. Use your glue gun to apply a seal around the edge of your jar. You can cover this later with a decorative ribbon.
    6. Allow your jar to stand overnight upright and then you're free to shake up your own personalized snowglobe.

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