Wine Glass Gel Candles

As a varation, you can use champagne glasses, martini glasses or shot glasses. Be sure to use glasses that can withstand the hot wax. I try to use as thick a glass as I can find. Also, always do a test burn of your candle before giving these away. To dress these up, tie ribbons and tiny silk rosebuds to the stem of the glass and they'll make perfect centerpieces.

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Supply List

  • Wine Glass
  • Gel Wax
  • Pre-tabbed Wick
  • Scent (if desired)
  • Dye (if desired)
  • Clear Epoxy Glue (if desired)


  • Double Boiler
  • Thermometer
  • Lint-Free Cloth
  • Pencil or Dowel
  • Heat Lamp or Blow Dryer (if desired)


  1. Wash and dry your glasses throughly. Be sure the dry them with a lint-free cloth. You can wipe the inside and outside of your glasses with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining finger prints or residue.
  2. Trim your wick so that it is about 1 inch longer than your glass. Get your wick as straight as possible so that your candle will burn evenly.
  3. Use clear epoxy glue to glue your wick to the center of your glass. Allow to dry fully so that the glue doesn't cloud your wax. An alternative method is to pour a little melted wax into the bottom of your glass and use it like glue to affix your wick tab to the bottom center of the glass.
  4. Take the other end of your wick and tie it around a dowel or pencil and set the pencil on the glass. This will keep your wick tight and straight as your wax cools.
  5. Measure out enough wax to fill your glasses. To get the right amount you can fill your glass with water to about 1/4 inch from the top of your glass. Pour this water into a measuring cup to see how much wax you'll need.
  6. Cut your wax into small pieces and place in your double boiler.
  7. Heat your gel to about 200 degrees F. If you want to reduce bubbles, you may heat to 225 degrees but do not exceed 225 degrees for safety.
  8. Add dye if desired and stir throughly.
  9. Add scent if desired and stir throughly.
  10. Pour your wax into the glass. If you tilt your glass as you pour, you will reduce bubbles.
  11. When the candle has dried, you can use a heat lamp or blow dryer to create a smooth finish on your candle.

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