Recycled Candles

This project is a good way for you to use up the extra wax that's left over from your jar candles or tapers. Perfect craft for those who hate to waste anything!

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Supply List

  • Old Candles (Try to choose candle with similar or complementary scents)
  • Wick
  • Jars


  • Double Boiler
  • Knife
  • Dowel


  1. Use a knife to scrape the extra wax from jars.
  2. Wick your jar using the dowel. To do this tie one end of the wick to the dowel, cut the wick to the appropriate size and balance the dowel on the jar.
  3. Setup your double boiler. A double boiler can consist of a pouring pot placed in a slightly larger old pot. Fill the old pot with a few inches of water and put it on your stove burner at medium heat. NEVER PLACE YOUR WAX DIRECTLY ON THE HEAT SOURCE.
  4. Place your wax in the double boiler and melt it completely. NEVER LEAVE YOUR MELTING WAX UNATTENDED.
  5. When melted, pour the wax into your jar and allow to cool completely.

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