Seashell Mobile

This project is a great way for your kids to display their keepsakes from vacations or trips to the beach. Feel free to use any memrabilia that has a little weight to it.

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Supply List

  • Shells
  • String or Yarn
  • 2 dowels about 1 foot each
  • Glue - a glue gun works well for this project but is not necessary



    1. Glue the dowels at a 90 degree angel to form the x part of your mobile. Allow the glue to dry.
    2. Cut 8 lengths of string. Use varying lengths to create a layered effect.
    3. Glue your shells onto the end of the strings. Allow the glue to fully dry.
    4. Tie the other end of the strings with shells to the dowel. Place one at each of the four ends of the dowels and place others in the middle of the dowels.

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