Dripped Candle Centerpiece

Playing around with dripped wax one day, we came up with this unique candle centerpiece. While it looks pretty straight-forward, don’t be fooled it is time consuming to make all these drips! (We think it was worth it!)

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Supply List

  • Votive blend candle wax
  • Purple color block, White color block
  • Tealight candle


  • Double boiler
  • Round dish (plastic makes it easier to de-mold)
  • Jar
  • Plate (we used an old plastic plate the we didn’t care about)
  • Spoon


  1. Melt your half of your votive wax as usual. When melted, add shavings of your purple color block until you reach the desired shade.
  2. Pour the purple wax into your round dish. Allow the wax to cool and de-mold. This piece will be the base of the dripped wax centerpiece.

  3. Place the jar in the center of a plate. Place the purple base that you created upside down on the jar.

  4. Melt your remaining votive wax. When melted, add a few shavings of your white dye block.
  5. This next step is the most time consuming part of the project. Using a spoon, carefully drip the wax on top of your purple base. Let the wax drip over the sides of the base.

  6. Space the drips out. When you have created the amount of small drips that you would like for your finished project, you will need to let them cool for at least ten minutes to harden a bit.

  7. Continue repeating this step, letting the wax flow over the small drips you’ve created. Each time you do this a little more wax will attach to your drips to make them larger. Repeat this process until your drips are the size you’d like. Allow the whole thing to cool completely. You may want to flip the candle over carefully from time to time to see how your drips are shaping up.

  8. When you have finished, carefully flip the whole candle over. Be very careful of the drips as they will be delicate.
  9. Place a Tealight candle in the center of your dripped candle. This way you can burn the Tealight and easily replace it with a new one when it runs out without ruining your centerpiece.

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